This is just a simple FAQs to help you decide on nifty gritty regarding the products sold here.

Is the key Genuine?

All keys are genuine

You will be able to activate every keys online and download every software yourself from the developer website. For example, Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, you will be able to register at https://setup.office.com on your own. Using your own email address.

Time frame for delivery

We will try our best to deliver all keys in 24 hours, it usually between 1 hour to two hour. But please be reminded, all delivery can only be made during office hours and during weekdays.

We are not available 24 hours, although every ordering is accepted around the clock. But I will try my best to deliver the key(s) ASAP

What happened if the keys cannot be activated?

All keys are guaranteed can be activated, but if in any case the key(s) cannot be activated or having a problem, we will gladly replace the key but Of course with some proof like screenshot of the activation problem. It’s a win-win situation, because when the key has been transferred to the customer, there is no way we know what happened in the process.

Do you provide Teamviewer support?

We will only perform Teamviewer if the key is still under warranty, which is 30 days for Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus and under 24 hours for other keys. But if you really need help, we will charge RM50/hour(s)

Can we reformat/reinstall the product?

All Microsoft Product can be reinstall.

All McAfee/Trend Micro/Bitdefender/ESET Antivirus/MalwareBytes Premium can be reinstall after format