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10 Years Experience With Ecommerce & Web Technology

Welcome to Apasaja.Tech

Its a very long way here, Apasaja dot My has survive 10 years e-Commerce activity, since 2010 and we are very proud to serve our customer with original and cheap activation keys.

We have overcome so many obstacles and able to stand up against the turbulence in eCommerce business. Historically, Apasaja.Tech was started with Apasaja.MY in 2010, as a hobby until now.

This website have gone so many changes, many version. Server changing vs hosting down etc until we have settle down with this new theme. 

This server is now run on Nginx+Runcloud+UpCloud+Cloudflare

This website is still evolves, we will add many more products to serve our customers and we hope that our customer will be very satisfied with our services.